Beam & post structures ready-to-build-houses

Our vision

Embois is proud to be a creative company working in the field of wooden house construction. Our primary goal is to devote ourselves entirely to our customers. Our personalized and flexible approach allows us to reach and even surpass your expectations.

Our homes are synonymous with elegance and refinement. Embois was born out of the dream of building dwellings that live in perfect harmony with their natural environment. Our evolutionary design method allows us to meet your demands while ensuring a correct, perfect and even scalable implementation during your project. The final result produces a place where the house and its environment merge.

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A master in designing and producing post and beam houses entirely made of wood, Embois specializes in beam framework, beams and wood flooring. Made-to-measure in our Lachute workshop, each piece is cut with precision to meet your project’s exact needs.

Our team works with modern tools and techniques to ensure we create exactly what you want. We precisely control the production stages of all elements needed for each project and the houses built possess a mix of distinctive contemporary styles and deliberate rustic charm.

No matter what your architectural tastes, your lifestyle or the special requirements of your property, we will see your project from start to finish without complications.

The Embois advantage

In addition to our exquisite wood structures, you can choose from a wide range of floors, ceilings and wall coverings (indoor/outdoor), all available in several wood species.

Our roofing products are prepared and dyed in the factory, according to your specifications with environmentally responsible products.

Using a post and beam structure, Embois engineering allows you to have floor-to-ceiling wide-opening windows. Embois is also certified for the manufacturing of wood-frame, fixed windows.

Every house comes with fully finished material. You don’t need to dye the wood components and depending on the complexity of your plans, the structure assembly, installation of floors, ceilings and walls can be done in a few days. Embois allows you to obtain the home of your dreams, in natural wood, at a very competitive price. Embois is the cost-effective time and labour option!

Our services

The experienced Embois team will create a custom home according to your needs and tastes. Each plan is carefully adapted to the characteristics of your property.

Embois follows you during the plan-creating process right through to complete design; from the selection of custom architectural items right through to the prefabrication of wood pieces and then your final complete house, anywhere in Québec. Choose the option that suits you best, ranging from self-construction to a turnkey project.

We are not limited to designing houses. Do you already have a project with accurate drawings? Embois can adapt your plans to beam and post structures to give you the style you want leaving traditional standards of construction behind.

If you are interested in our concept but already have an architect or designer in mind, it will be our pleasure to work with them to develop a distinctive project that meets your every need.

Our strengths

  • Customized plan preparation
  • Manufacturing house components entirely made of wood
  • Local manufacturing at our plant in Lachute - Quality control
  • Optimization and reduction of construction costs
  • Expertise in oversized windows, open air spaces, high ceiling spaces
  • Expertise in designing and fabricating post and beam structures
  • Completion of high efficiency buildings ( LEED/Novoclimate )
  • Complete customized design for each customer
  • Tailored architectural elements
  • Fabrication of floors, ceilings and wood coatings ( interior/exterior ), unique products on the market