In this unique concept, not a single drywall panel was used in the house. The natural beauty of wood grain is thus revealed at 360 degrees.


Embois’ owner’s love for this land gave birth to this project. Located at the foot of a rocky cape where a slightly elevated, natural plateau overlooks the lake.

The house lies on the riparian strip (where land meets water) and offers breathtaking sunsets. Because it is west-facing, the home boasts a particular architecture in three staggered volumes, creating an outlet where the sun penetrates the inside of the structure for warmth. This geometry has been adopted to allow optimal lake views. Morevoer, this privileged view gives you access to the renowned spectacle of a double sunset and creates a treat for the eyes as the sun shines on the lake.

There are also two ways to access this property. All the aforementioned beauty is found in the heart of this magnificent living space.